What's your objective?  Provoke?  Sell?  Educate?  Inspire?  Thrill?  Call to Action?  Allow me.  

You choose the form: blogposts, articles, websites, editorials, speeches, or iambic pentameter.

> SEO Search Engine Optimization  YES: I make silver, oral care, dumpsters, beating osteoporosis, and law firms compelling.  Wayfair inventory and Pottery Barn lifestyle, too.

> Fitness and Healthy Aging     

> Leadership

> Fundraising

> Ghostwriting

> Speeches

" Seriously, I have used over 50 writers, and you are in the top three - if not the best."

Tom Parling, CEO OCERA SEARCH, London

"I love the voice you are giving me.  It sounds like me, only more intelligent."  

Ghostwriting client

"Absolutely first-rate. Anne's words are powerful, emotional, hard-hitting. And they achieved proven financial results."  

Marcella Rosen, President UNTOLD NEWS, NYC 

" Anne completed my 15,000-word personal training project with star-quality results."

ELANCE client, Australia

anne Etra

"I worked with Anne on a series of mobile app promotions for GE's health and fitness initiative.  Anne was adaptable, flexible, and produced terrific content." 

Patrick Adcock, IDEA LAUNCH  Boston MA


I help thought leaders publish and market their ideas, from the initial twinkle in the eye to the print book, e-book, or both.  Traditional publisher, or self-publish?  Add some zippy, peripheral social media marketing to the mix?

What else can we do differently, effectively?