anne Etra

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​​​​​​What do you want your audience to feel?  To do?  Let me help. 

Be it blogposts, articles, websites, editorials, speeches, or iambic pentameter, I can string words together to Provoke, Sell, Motivate, Educate, Inspire, Heal, Thrill, Call to Action or Calm Down...

> SEO Search Engine Optimization   YES: I can make oral care, dumpsters, supplements or silver compelling

> Fitness and Healthy Aging

> Leadership and Motivation

> Ghostwriting.  Fundraising.  Speeches. 

> Other.

What can I write for you?  CONTACT ME.

" Anne completed my 15,000-word personal training project with star-quality results."

ELANCE client, Australia

"I worked with Anne on a series of mobile app promotions for GE's health and fitness initiative.  Anne was adaptable, flexible, and produced terrific content." 

Patrick Adcock, IDEA LAUNCH  Boston MA

"I love the voice you are giving me.  It sounds like me, only more intelligent."  

Ghostwriting client

"Absolutely first-rate. Anne's words are powerful, emotional, hard-hitting. And they achieved proven financial results."  

Marcella Rosen, President UNTOLD NEWS, NYC 

" Seriously, I have used over 50 writers, and you are in the top three - if not the best."

Tom Parling, CEO OCERA SEARCH, London