"Of all the Silver Sneakers leaders, Anne Etra is the best."

                                                                Kelsey Batchelder

Serious senior strength.  (Define age....)


anne Etra

Nephew Joshua captures Anne jumping!

" When I get out of bed in the morning, my inclination is to get back into bed.  Then I remember that I have an exercise class with "Anne".  She is inspiring, charming, and works your butt off. What a great morning it becomes.  Do it: you'll love it."   Lila, NYC

Anne has been a fitness professional for 15 years, training, teaching, lecturing, and motivating.  From zeroing in to an individual's goals with creative personal training, to group classes ranging from jump rope conditioning to pilates reformer, tai chi to trademarked 'buildyourbones!' seminars and outdoor boot camps, Anne has inspired fitness at every age.


Senior Fitness Specialist.

It's a sensibility thing.  The reverence she had for her grandparents. Plus serious education focused on special populations and the aging body. 

* Teaching hundreds (1000s!) of senior strength and balance classes. 

* Leading 8-week, progressive Tai Chi for Arthritis courses. 

* Lecturing on beating Osteoporosis with Build Your Bones! seminars.

* Personally training up the ages: 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and yes, 92!

* Creating Senior Fitness programs at JCCs, for Union Retirees, in YMCAs.

The upshot is that Anne loves teaching fitness up the aging continuum and helping humans feel and look better.  Her skill is combining strength, balance, tai chi, breath and sane pacing for steady and sure fitness gains.​​


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