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* Calms you down
* Less pain and stiffness
* Weight-shifting improves your balance
* Better posture
* Reduces risk and fear of falling
* Strengthens your muscles
* Concentrates your mind
* Loosens your joints, so body more relaxed
* Helps you achieve mental quietness

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Tai Chi is an internal martial art, a system of exercise with movements that are slow, gentle and relaxed.   Tai Chi helps the body move freely and easily, with fluid weight-shifting motions that strengthen bones, reduce stress, and increase mental clarity.


Anne offers one-on-one chi training in your own home or facility. Whether you want to improve your strength, balance, or stress level you'll benefit from this health-affirming moving meditation.​

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* In English:  Tiny Dynamo
* In Spanish: El Pequeño Dínamo


SPORTY?  Many athletes do Tai Chi, for these reasons: 
* Decreases mental chatter
 * Increases flexibility
* Repairs cartilage, joints, tendons

* Accentuates the 'center' of power
* Great for tennis and golf



Anne says:

" Whether you're 26 or 86, Tai Chi will benefit you. 

Its genius is its slowness; its shifting weight;

its breathing; its deceptive muscle strengthening;

its ease, fluidity, and ability to calm."


Tai Chi has been proven to help those with

* Parkinsons Disease *  Arthritis*    Heart Disease  * FIbromyalgia * Osteoporosis  * ​Sleep Disorders  *Stress

Private, personalized training