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Tai Chi is an internal martial art, a system of exercise with movements that are slow, gentle and relaxed.   Tai Chi helps the body move freely and easily, with fluid weight-shifting motions that strengthen bones, reduce stress, and increase mental clarity.


Anne is now offering private, one-on-one personalized tai chi training, in your own home or facility.  Whether you want to improve your strength, balance, or reduce your stress, you will love, and benefit from this health-affirming moving meditation.​

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* In English:  Tiny Dynamo
* In Spanish: El Pequeño Dínamo


* TAI CHI Masterclass *

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SPORTY?  Many athletes do Tai Chi, for these reasons: 
* Decreases mental chatter
 * Increases flexibility
* Repairs cartilage, joints, tendons

* Accentuates the 'center' of power
* Great for tennis and golf

Private, personalized training


Strength                   Balance                 Calm


* Calms you down
* Less pain and stiffness
* Weight-shifting improves your balance
* Better posture
* Reduces risk and fear of falling
* Strengthens your muscles
* Concentrates your mind
* Loosens your joints, so body more relaxed
* Helps you achieve mental quietness

Anne says:

" Whether you're 26 or 86, Tai Chi will benefit you. 

Its genius is its slowness; its shifting weight;

its breathing; its deceptive muscle strengthening;

its ease, fluidity, and ability to calm."


Tai Chi has been proven to help those with

* Parkinsons Disease *  Arthritis*    Heart Disease  * FIbromyalgia * Osteoporosis  * ​Sleep Disorders  *Stress